The Firm

For more than 13 years we practiced business law under the name of MHM Advogados. We have changed over time, and we have now taken on a new identity which more closely reflects our current focus.


Our firm now handles fewer clients with teams of experienced lawyers who are committed to their work. Our guiding principle is that the partners are directly involved at every stage of their work.


We believe that the market wants lawyers to handle their clients’ problems honestly and responsibly, in every area of the law, and to be able to discuss issues, provide strategic solutions, and appreciate the risks and consequences for their business.


Our absolute priority is first-class service to our clients:

Understanding their business and their objectives

Helping develop creative, complete and definitive solutions

Communicating clearly and effectively

Using technology and innovation to provide a better service

Delivering first-class, valuable work

Providing speedy service through direct contact with our partners and the participation of a body of lawyers with proven experience in their areas of specialization

Our values

Commitment and proximity to the client, quality, a focus on solutions and on the client’s business, a strategic differential, professionalism and ethical principles are the firm’s key values.